The Influence of Organizational Climate Towards the Teachers' Job Satisfaction in Form Six Centre

  • Windy Anjilus Fakulti Psikologi dan Pendidikan, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)
  • Roslee Talip Fakulti Psikologi dan Pendidikan, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)
Keywords: job satisfaction, organizational climate, form six centre, academic teachers


Workers who experience job dissatisfaction tend to lose their joy and happiness in their work that leads to low motivation, performance, commitment and eventually results in leaving their job. This brings long term negative effects to the organization and provides opportunity for rivalry. Hence, a study on the practice of healthy and positive organizational climate need to be carried out to increase the level of the teachers' job satisfaction to enhance the performance of the organization. Recent studies in organizational climate which involve four dimensions namely collegial leadership, professional teacher behaviour, achievement press and institutional vulnerability portrays the potential in influencing the teachers' job satisfaction. This study delves into the influence of these four dimensions in organizational climate towards the teachers' job satisfaction in the aspects of promotion, pay, supervision, working procedures and co-workers. This study is based on the Organizational Climate Description Questionnaire (OCDQ) by Hoy, Smith and Sweetland (2002) to measure the organization climate and the combination of two instruments of questionnaire to measure job satisfaction which are Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) by Spector (1985) and Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ) by Weiss, Dais, England and Lofquist (1967). Quantitative analysis is done using IBM SPSS Statistics Version 24 towards 50 academic teachers in the Form Six centres. The findings show that organization climate in particular has a significant influence towards job satisfaction among the academic teachers in the Form Six Centres. The mean scores of job satisfaction and the organizational climate were at a moderate level, but job satisfaction based on teaching experience is at a high level, and there was no significant differences between gender.


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