Should Indonesian Women Teacher Become Activist?

  • Ira Dwi Mayangsari School of Communication and Business, Telkom University, Indonesia
  • Elis Hernawati School of Applied Science, Telkom University, Indonesia
Keywords: facebook, teacher, activist, political agency


This study is aimed to explore online behavior of Indonesian women teacher in using her personal facebook account. Netnography methods was used in this research to compare behavior of women who work as a teacher and others who work both as a teacher and an activist. Result showed that according to their personality, the informants are considered as a friendly person who have more than five hundred of friends. Teacher who had overseas education utilize wider source of information from local to global while other who took local education only accessed local information. Further, it can be concluded that teachers who are not activist utilized their facebook to post their photos related to their work and private life while activist teachers employed their account more as tools of political agency, disseminated social and education information rather than showed their personal life.


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