A Review of Distributive and Integrative Strategies in the Negotiation Process

  • Dan-mallam Yakubu Abigail Universiti Sarawak Malaysia (UNIMAS)
  • Dulzalani Eden Universiti Sarawak Malaysia (UNIMAS)
  • Awang Ideris Universiti Sarawak Malaysia (UNIMAS)
Keywords: negotiation, distributive strategy, integrative strategy competitive, cooperative, compromise


Negotiation is a crucial tool for resolving a dispute. The outcome of every negotiation relies heavily on the negotiation strategies of the parties involved, the exchange of information and their characters during the negotiation process. Considering distributive approach, the negotiators are more interested in the maximization of personal achievements as they are not concern in collective or joint success with their partners. One of the key requirements for the integrative strategy is cooperation between the negotiators while distributive strategy is purely for a competitive approach. These two types of strategies distributive and integrative are in relation to the behavior and attitudes negotiators normally display in a negotiation table: cooperative and competitive. The reason why negotiators commonly used cooperative and competitive strategies are mentioned in this paper, distributive and integrative strategies are also summarized. Follow by possible solution of overcoming the negotiation challenges is discussed.


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Abigail, D.- mallam Y., Eden, D., & Ideris, A. (2018). A Review of Distributive and Integrative Strategies in the Negotiation Process. Malaysian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (MJSSH), 3(5), 68 - 74. Retrieved from https://msocialsciences.com/index.php/mjssh/article/view/152