Accelerating SDG 11 Achievements During Covid-19 Crisis: Protecting Children Living in Slums’ Rights

  • Nurul Hidayat Ab Rahman Faculty of Law, National University of Malaysia, 43600 Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia.
Keywords: Sustainable Development Goals, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Child Law, Human rights, COVID-19


Rapid urbanization in metropolitan areas resulted in a mounting number of slum dwellers such as street children, insufficient basic infrastructures, and services. Hence, the world pledges 'sustainable cities and communities' under the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, which aims to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable for everyone. The objective becomes explicitly vital due to the spread of COVID-19, as over 90 per cent cases are befallen in urban areas. Slum neighborhoods areas are constituted as the most at-risk urban locations which recorded the highest numbers of infectious cases. Hence, this article summarizes SDG 11, focusing on Target 11.1 and Target 11.5 to guarantee access to adequate, safe, affordable housing and essential services for all humans and upgrading slums. Both targets aim to significantly reduce the number of deaths and people affected by direct economic loss due to disasters. The primary purposes of this paper are to explain the challenges faced by the children living in slums in exercising their human rights, particularly during the pandemic epoch and legal analysis on the Convention on the Rights of Child (CRC). This writing is socio-legal research using a qualitative approach. This paper infers that the survival of the children living in slums, particularly during this turbulent Coronavirus spread, SDG 11 is among the significant goals that need to be executed urgently. Thus, the paper proposes the world to adhere to the aspirations of SDG 11 to protect vulnerable groups, including children living in slums during this challenging period.


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