The Revivalism of Guzheng Ensemble in the Klang Valley, Malaysia

  • Mok Vivien Jabatan Muzik, Fakulti Ekologi Manusia, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Keywords: revivalism, guzheng, guzheng ensembel


This study is about the revivalism of Guzheng Ensembel in the Klang Valley, Malaysia. By the end of the 20th century, Chinese traditional music was introduced in Malaysia due to the immigration of Chinese nationals to Malaysia. The introduction of traditional Chinese musical instruments from China has provided the foundation for developing the Guzheng music culture in Malaysia. As the number of Guzheng players grows, the solo guzheng form has been developed into the Guzheng Ensemble. This study will focus on the establishment, formation and development of the Guzheng Ensemble. Three Guzheng Ensemble groups are devoted to case studies. This study is a qualitative study. Combination of ethnographic with case study approach is used. Participatory observation and semi-structural interviews are used as data collection techniques. This study is expected to serve as a basic guide and provide information on cultural revival and subsequently assist other researchers to pursue studies related to the rise of music, especially in the form of Guzheng presentations.


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