Appraisal of the 2019 Post-Electoral Violence in Nigeria

  • Timothy Onimisi Department of Political Science, Federal University Lokoja, Nigeria
  • Omolegbe Leah Tinuola Arts and Social Sciences Department, Kogi State Polytechnic, Nigeria
Keywords: election, electoral violence, democracy, political impunity


The article focuses on incidents and causes of post-electoral violence in the 2019 general election in Nigeria. The post-electoral violence recorded during the general election is one of the most violent in the history of democratic dispersion in the country. Ballot box snatching, burning of properties, various degree of injuries and loss of lives were the basic feature of the elections. Relying on the available records from various secondary sources and with the use of content analysis the current found that the main causes of the level of violence could be attributed to ethnicity and sectional in politics, in-depth ignorance, political impunity, lack of internal democracy, negative perception inflammatory campaign. The article recommended amendment of the electoral act as well as re-strategized the security architecture for elections in the country.


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