Social Skills Among Women with Socio-Economic Insecurity: A Study in the City of Bandung, Indonesia

  • Aisyah Nur Arifin Bandung College of Social Welfare
  • Theresia Martina Marwanti Bandung College of Social Welfare
  • Ayi Heryani Bandung College of Social Welfare
Keywords: social skills, social economic insecurity, self help


This research is motivated that social skills is one way to improve the welfare of respondents in terms of psychological and social. Subproblematik in this research is communication skills, relationship skills with others, self-respect skills, giving and receiving skills and skills to act according to the norm. The research was conducted by using quantitative approach through descriptive method. Respondents in this study amounted to 52 respondents with sampling technique using census method. Data collection techniques were conducted through questionnaires, observations, and documentation studies. The validity test used is face validity and content validity. The results showed that the respondents had good social skills in communication skills (75.26%), skills of relationship with others (75.04) and acting skills according to norm (84.13%). However, the respondents still have to improve their social skills in self-respect (66.25%) and the aspect of giving and receiving opinion (70,90) due to mistrust of self and low self-esteem of socio-economic vulnerable women in Neglasari Village. Based on the results of problem analysis, needs analysis and analysis of the source system, the recommended program is "Social Skills Improvement Program of Women Prone to Socio-Economic through Intrapersonal Instruction and the establishment of self help group in Negalasari Village".


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