Book Review on Language Testing, written by Tim McNamara

  • Sisay Ayalew Tsegaw Department of English Language and Literature, Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, Bahir Dar University
Keywords: language testing, test types, test purpose, test construct, test cycle, test content


The book in Language Testing was written by Tim McNamara, which is published in 2000 by Oxford University Press. The book provides access to specialist knowledge and stimulates an awareness of its significance. This series as a whole has been designed to provide this access and promote awareness in respect of different areas of language study or testing, which is concerned on its scope and principles of enquiry, basic concerns and key concepts. This book offers a succinct (short and precise) theoretical introduction to the basic concepts in language testing in a way that is easy to understand in some extent. In educational context, this book is highly recommended for university faculty members involved in obtaining assessment literacy, teachers who want to validate their exploratory teaching and testing, applied linguistics students new to the language testing field or for those people who pick interest in language without being academically engaged. Therefore, the book might accommodate those interests as meant to be introductions to language more generally.

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