Cadbury Malaysia Porcine DNA Case: Lessons from Crisis Management and Cultural Perspectives

  • Cheng Zhen Yu Faculty of Business, Social Sciences and Hospitality Management, SEGi University
  • Tak Jie Chan Faculty of Business, Social Sciences and Hospitality Management, SEGi University
Keywords: crisis communication, public relations, corporate communication, strategic communication management


Crises are inevitable and it can be happened at any point of the organization process. Thus, it is worthwhile for the organization to identify the early plan of issue or potential risk occurring within organizations as it is not easy to win the reputation warfare. Thus, this paper aims to review the Cadbury Porcine DNA case that happened in Malaysia from the perspective of crisis management and cultural approaches. The discussion of the case surrounded on the chronology of the case, crisis communication and management strategies carried out by Cadbury and lessons learned from it. This has called upon the management, especially the public relations or corporate communication department to look into it to form a strategic solution to safeguard the organization’s reputation when the crisis strike.

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