Developing Instagram Marketing Strategy in Sleep Aid Industry: A Study Case of Savlee Indonesia

  • Cicelia Susanti Sri Rejeki School of Business and Management, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
Keywords: instagram marketing strategy, sleep aid industry, online engagement


The rising of COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia affected to higher awareness on health issue including sleeping issue. It also caused higher internet penetration including on shifting offline business to digital platform including social media. Savlee is Indonesian company which is combining neuroscience, pharmaceutical, and psychological approach on producing sleep aid products using natural ingredients and running its business primarily on Instagram. As a small business which utilize Instagram as its primary marketing channel, Savlee gains opportunity to turn the phenomenon of shifting behavior as an advantage. In order to stand out on social media and grab market awareness, this study aims to assess, improve, and optimize the performance of Savlee’s Instagram marketing strategy. An Instagram marketing should be developed by considering latest trend on social media, characteristic and needs of audience, and vision of Savlee. This study is conducted using problem solving method by assessing external and internal factors that affected Instagram marketing strategy of Savlee and narrowing down the finding of the research as root causes using Fishbone analysis. As a result, the implication of this research is gained implemented solutions and its action plan on penetrating more engaging and effective Instagram marketing strategy which require financial support and improvement on human resource’s skills.

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