The Influence of Employee Demotivation and Employee Motivation on Employee Performance: A Case Study of Farven

  • Elma Soraya Bandung Institute Technology
  • Rudy Bekti School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
Keywords: employee demotivation, employee motivation, demotivation dimension, motivation dimension, employee performance


Workers as an essential to give their efforts in every action to achieve goals in the organization. Workers need triggers to do things well and produce good performance, one of the driving factors is good motivation. Good motivation will result in high performance, low turnover, loyalty, alignment, which contributes significantly to the growth and development of the company. Conversely, if the driving factor is bad motivation or commonly called demotivation, it will result in low performance, high turnover, low loyalty, absence of alignment, nor does it contribute significantly to the growth and development of the company. Moreover, currently the country of Indonesia is a developing country that has great potential to compete in the field of development, one of the developments for human resources that have good quality, which will affect the results of work and company. Farven as a startup that has workers want to also contribute in developing good resources by maintaining good quality workers, but Farven has some challenges one of which is the problem of worker demotivation that has been felt by all Farven workers. In this study, researchers aimed to know the dimensions of worker demotivation and worker motivation that affect worker performance and wanted to know the indicators of the dimensions that most influence the demotivation of workers and also the motivation of workers. Researchers used a semi-structure interview in the interview process to three Farven workers. The order of questions may also vary depending on the conversation flow. On the other hand, additional questions, and objectives with the nature of certain events in a particular organization. Informant will be selected through nonprobability sampling i.e. purposive sampling or specifically using judgement sampling. The interview will primarily explore the dimensions of employee motivation and employee motivation according to the participant's experience as a Farven employee. This study used thematic coding to analyze qualitative data.

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